Frequently Asked Questions

The non-refundable $1,000 deposit is a commitment from you that you will be joining our community. With a $1,000 deposit you will be placed on the priority waiting list for the apartment or villa of your choosing. You will be notified of a unit’s vacancy in the order your deposit was received. If there is no waiting list for the unit you desire, a $1,000 deposit is still required to hold a unit for 30 days while the contract is being worked out and signed. The security deposit is equal to 1 month’s rent minus the initial $1,000 deposit. At the end of your contract you will receive the entire security deposit, including the initial $1,000, back if your unit remains in good condition.
No. The $1,000 deposit puts your name on the priority waiting list. However, if you are interested in our community, but not ready to commit, please fill out an application. Having your application on file allows us to contact you in the event we have a desirable unit available, after those on the priority list have been contacted. Completing the application gives us an idea about what units you are interested in and how our community can best meet your needs. It is helpful to have your information on hand so we can customize your living experience quickly when you decide to make your move.
Our Independent Living villas and apartments are designed for individuals who can perform most activities of daily living on their own. Assisted Living refers to our state licensed health care facility. Residents living in the Assisted Living facilities receive around-the-clock care from Certified Nursing Assistants and Medical Technicians. A Registered Nurse (R. N.) oversees daily care and operations. A physician makes rounds every week. The state oversees the daily operations of all Assisted Living facilities. We are a state licensed health care facility, with the ability to care for residents needing the most intensive levels of assisted living.
Yes. You can hire someone to assist you with activities of daily living in your independent living unit. However, due to state regulations, our medical staff are not able to offer routine assistance outside of the licensed assisted living buildings.
In the case of medical emergencies, we have Certified Nursing Assistants on the grounds 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We cannot provide regular care in the Independent apartments and villas, but we can offer emergency response to anyone in our community. Our staff are able to respond quickly and provide life saving care in the case of an emergency. Additionally, the Stuarts Draft Rescue Squad is located 3 miles from our community, allowing immediate response to medical emergencies. Our medical staff will stay with you until the rescue squad arrives, unless further assistance is needed.
No. There are several major differences that should be noted. First, Assisted Living facilities are private pay, while Nursing Homes can accept both Medicare and Medicaid payments. Second, Assisted Living care cannot administer life support systems such as feeding tubes, ventilating machines or respirators like Nursing Homes can. Please contact us directly for additional questions regarding the difference between assisted living and nursing home care. Finally, the costs of care various greatly. Nursing Homes can be as much as double the cost, depending on care needs.
A “Villa” is a single level townhouse. The Villas are built in duplex, triplex and quadroplex arrangements.
No. All of our contracts are based on monthly rentals. The initial contract will be a 12 or 24-month agreement. After the initial time period expires, you will remain on a month-to-month contract with a 30-day notice for termination. If there is a medical emergency or a need for Assisted Living care at any time during the initial 12 or 24-month period, you will be able to terminate with no penalties.
We do not have scheduled rate increases. In fact, we try not to increase rates unless we absolutely have to do so. Historically we have increased rates by approximately 3-4% on average every 3 years. If at all possible we leave current residents' rates intact, and only increase the listed rates.
Our waiting list varies in length depending on the size villa or apartment you want. The best thing to do is fill out an application for us to keep on file as circumstances can often change suddenly creating desirable availability.
Assisted Living rooms can be furnished by either the resident or SDRC. We can supply a bed, night stand, chair, and dresser. However, most residents prefer to bring their own furniture. All other units, independent living apartments and Villas are not furnished by SDRC.
No, all personal items including toothpaste, shampoo, cosmetics, and other such items are not provided by SDRC.
All independent living units come with Lumos services including Wifi, TV and landline telephone service. Residents can upgrade the TV package to include DVR and additional channels and set top boxes by calling Lumos directly.
The rooms in assisted living come with TV service from Lumos. Residents can add other services such as Wifi, land line, additional set top boxes, DVR and channels by calling Lumos directly.
We highly encourage our assisted living residents to eat in the dining room. This routine and social interaction is incredibly important to the livelihood of our residents. We do make exceptions for certain medical reasons.
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