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We are family. We are Fun. We are Stuart Draft Retirement Community! Working with us is very rewarding. We offer a wide range of perks and benefits (see below). Apply today and see if you are a good fit for our team!

Current Jobs:

Be someone’s bright spot: 

In the ups and downs of the daily grind, if you make someone
smile you are successful. Give a boatload of joy today.

Be unique:

Individual skills, creative ideas and unique personality yield the best and most meaningful resident care. Dare to be you today.

Be passionate about others:

It’s not a job, it’s a passion. Care for and serve residents by keeping it personal. Smile and go on a journey with a resident today.

Be extraordinary:

Focus on people and be all that you can be. Do everything with honesty, integrity and excellence. Leave it all on the floor!

Be the solution:

Get the job done! When faced with a new or difficult situation, dig deep and find a solution!

The Perks

Just for being a part of the team

Health Insurance:

Your health is our health. Our health package is robust, covering prescription drug costs, modest co-pays and great in-network health care providers. 


Yes, food. If you work hard and play hard, you need the chance to refuel. Lunch is on us.

Braggin’ rights:

Take pride in your work, you are part of the team that makes SDRC the best retirement community in the universe. Not everyone gets to make SDRC awesome, but you do! 

The money:

We’ve got you covered. We offer same-day pay, direct deposit and financial counseling as needed. 

Continue learning:

Life is an adventure, grow with it! Take part in our on-going education, professional development and licensing opportunities! 


Let SDRC sponsor a savings account for you or your children. Education matters, let’s make it happen together through a VA529 account. Also, receive up to $2,500 for education reimbursement as you pursue your dreams.

Retirement Savings:

SDRC offers  retirement savings plans  to our employees with a dollar for dollar match for your contributions!

Paid Time Off:

Yep, that’s right, we pay you to take time off of work and enjoy your family. Time off is important for each employee. You deserve it! 

Sick Time:

Just because you’re sick doesn’t mean you don’t need money, we have a plan to help while you’re down and out! 

Holiday Pay:

Everyone likes getting more. 

Dental. Retirement. Life. 

Coverage for you and your family now, and then!

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